Our spirituality

With the new and great confidence in the Holy Spirit and his guidance and with faith in the power of prayer to our Mother Mary, The Spiritans missionaries are working for the following goals:

  • Evangelisation and missionary works for development, especially to those oppressed and most disadvantaged, as a group or as individuals such as refugees, displaced people and especially the young living of the verge of their society.
  • Evangelisation to those who have not yet heard the Gospel message or those who have scarcely heard it.
  • Working in places where the Church has difficulty in finding workers.
  • A dialogue with Islam and other religions.
  • Serving and cooperation with all men and women and finally, further development of relations with the above mentioned laymen.

In other words, sharing life with others, respecting human and cultural values of others, working for the benefit of all men, establishing small Christian communities and education of priests and catechists. From the very beginning , Spiritans choose the poor as the center of their work.