By Ana Penić

On November 11th, members of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit from many countries in Europe gathered in Podvinje in Slavonski Brod. They started one day mmeting  programme by praying the morning prayer ( Breviary )in French and English. Then followed the presentation of the Spiritans in Croatia work, but the  European Spiritans were interested in the work of the University chaplan in Osijek, fr. Arek Krasicki, who works with students for nine years, and this is his tenth academic year. They listened very carefully the presentation prepared by  a student, a member of the „DUHOS“, and one of the  cooworkers fr.Arek, who was involved in his work from the beginning. The work of fr.Arek with students and professors is impressive. The weekly  „Tuesday adoration and Catheses“ is one of the events in Osijek, which gathers some hundreds young believers, students, and that is more than any other social meeting in the town can attract, . The Spiritans in Osijek are involved in Clinical Centre in Osijek, and social institutions in town. The participants in Podvinje had some questions to the student, among of was – what do students would do if the students’ chaplain, fr.Arek were moved from Osijek. The student answered:“We are aware that one day fr.Arek will leave Osijek. We are praying for him now, so when, one day, when he comes, we can carry on  doing it as successfully, as do it with fr. Arek, as we do now. One of the questions was what do we think about Međugorje, and if students believe in every vision which is said to be there. The student answerd that students go to Međugorje just as they go to any other Maria’s shrine, and that they appriciate what the Holy See Hoooooo

Holy See and Croatian bishops think of it. One of the questions was what do the prists in Osijek think about fr. Arek, and the answer was that the students and all people who in any way are involved in activities DUHOS and fr.Arek do in the town – do not care what priests think about him. On the other hand – they are happy that Đakovo – Osijek archbishop Đuro Hranić supports him. He even had a catheses to the students  and had an adoration with them. Everything what they have heard and seen in video – presentation was very interesting  but the western Spiritants – were a bit – reserved. In the afternoon the Euroepan  Spiritans visited the refugees camp  in Slavonski Brod.

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